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TraLanenia Reeves is a multimedia journalist with years of experience producing solid news content at the local, national, and international level. She currently works in the Washington, D.C., metro area producing a national weekly news magazine show for Sinclair Broadcasting Group, Inc. TraLanenia started her career in radio before switching channels to television. From producing daily morning news in a major U.S. city she advanced to producing content for a leading media company that reaches approximately 18% of U.S. TV households. Under her leadership, the morning report transformed into a fresh, forward-looking and compelling offer. TraLanenia transitioned to producing in-depth news programming when she joined a team of journalists for the launch of an international media network tailored towards an American audience. During her tenure, TraLanenia played a key role in establishing a prime-time daily discussion show driven by social media. The unique mix of traditional broadcast and digital media provided a platform that allowed viewers in some 50 million television homes to engage in real time with the program through social media. She produced a discussion on the role of social media and gang violence that was recognized by the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) as a 2014 Salute to Excellence Award finalist in the Public Affairs category. Another episode she produced - focused on the decline in the honeybee population - was the network’s highest-rated program on its initial air date. When not working, TraLanenia enjoys transforming hidden treasures discovered at salvage yards; feeding her desire for excitement and adventure through thrill-seeking​ activities and giving back to the community through clean-up and volunteer opportunities.

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Video highlighting some of the quality programming produced by TraLanenia Reeves during her time with the Al Jazeera America network.

Where does social media factor into the increase in gang activity across the nation?

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For the last ten years, I’ve diligently worked to hone my skills as a journalist. This decade has helped set the groundwork for a career highlighted by solid news coverage at the local, national and international level. Learning to be proactive working alone and in a group, making executive decisions under pressure and maintaining control in breaking news situations all contributed to my rise as a leader in the newsroom.  It’s my passion for storytelling, understanding of the elements of news and ability to lead a team in delivering quality content that make me a strong leader in the newsroom. This site is designed to offer you a better understanding of my work and the value I place on every aspect of the production process.